2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Match Statistics Tracking Template

Exceltemplates.org – 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Match Statistics Tracking Template is an excel template to record match statistics of all teams in this tournament. With this template, you can analyze performance of any teams during this tournament. It has live scoring format that you might see in many internet sites.

World Cup 2018 Match Statistics Tracker Template for Excel

To use this template, go to schedule worksheet where the free version has 16 matches with stats recording area. Type minute, player names and select particular codes for situation that happened during the match. There are tables at the right side with description of the codes. Also distribute players into line up and substitution tables. It should help you see which line up that perform better in particular matches. As you might know, every teams can only bring 23 players to compete in this World Cup tournament. At the bottom of each stats boxes, you can type stats summary that you can get from live scoring internet sites.

There is no automatic standing calculation in this template. You need to select teams who qualified to the knock out rounds manually. All players information will follow those selection accordingly.

See summary from those inputted stats in Summary worksheets. There are three different summaries that you can read.

Filtered Team Stats Summary

It has similar layout with match statistics worksheet where you input the data, except it will show you selected team only. There are maximum 7 tables you can filter, similar with the number of maximum matches any teams will compete until final match.

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Team Stats Table Summary

To see statistics in table format, you can use this summary page. It should ease you to compare performance of particular team from match to match since their stats will be compared side by side. There are color marker that will guide you to see some numbers. Furthermore, you will see goal distribution statistics in the table at the bottom.

Player Stats Table Summary

This table presents statistics information from players. You can see details of cards, goals, rates and any stats that you chosen for particular players in match stats worksheet summarized in this table.

As informed, 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia Match Statistics Tracking Template is not a free template. You can download the demo version below and purchase the full version to record statistics from all 64 matches.