2018 World Cup Team Statistics and Head-to-Head Records Template

Exceltemplates.org – 2018 World Cup Team Statistics and Head-to-Head Records is an excel template with summary of records from 32 World Cup teams. FIFA has drawn 32 teams in World Cup 2018. Predicting teams that will advance to the next round should be easy in some groups, if there are no surprises, and should be challenging on other groups due the records for teams in those groups.

World Cup 2018 Team Head-to-Head Stats - exceltemplates.org

For example, in group A with Russia, Egypt, Uruguay and Saudi Arabia. You might guess that Russia and Uruguay will advance to the second round. But, there are facts you should need to consider. Russia has never advance to the second round in the past 5 world cups where they only participate in 2002 and 2014. But, they have opportunities to advance since they are the host of this tournament. But, there is another fact, South Africa is became the only host that has never reached the second round in 2010. What about Uruguay? Uruguay has better records in last 5 world cups than Russia. It should be safe to predict that Uruguay will advance. What about remaining two countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia? Reading their records, Egypt could become a dark horse since they have Mohamed Salah, Liverpool top scorer.

This 2018 World Cup Team Statistics and Head-to-Head records template has useful data you may need to analyze how your team might perform in this tournament. Team Statistics that you may have, among others are summary of team :

  • participation in all world cups
  • team matches in last five world cups
  • last matches in all competitive matches
  • head-to-head records against countries from particular continents
  • head-to-head records against other world cup 2018 participants
  • goal distribution within full time period
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Also, there are world cup facts that can give you more information from other point of view. For example, World Cup champion coaches always come from similar World Cup champion countries. By seeing this fact, you may eliminate some countries that have coaches outside those countries.

Other facts that you might get are a complete match results from the last five world cups. Starting from 1998, you can see performances of those all participants in those world cups. There are summaries you can read below respective tables, like how many teams that are making back-to-back appearances, common scores in group matches, etc.

Furthermore, there is a 2018 World Cup scoresheet (just scoresheet, no automatic arrangement formula) where you can update with actual scores and see it shown in team statistic. The template you download below is the demo version. You can read more information about it in its author site.