2019 Calendar Template

Exceltemplates.org – 2019 Calendar Template is a one page excel spreadsheet with months and dates are aligned in 12 month tables. You can mark important dates inside the calendar automatically by putting particular dates in separate tables. You can find calendars like this in several internet sites but none of them have consecutive date marker capability like these calendars. The author of these spreadsheets has created an original formula to map these dates in conditional formatting menu that will allow you to input your dates in respective event date table and see its color populated over particular date period.

Exceltemplates.org 2019 Calendar

This 2018 calendar templates are suitable for you who work as :

  • event organizer who manage plenty of events
  • school teacher who must design your school calendar.
  • wedding organizer who must prepare your client’s wedding agenda
  • sales person who manage your meeting with potential buyers
  • housewife who must arrange your family important events or vacation
  • student who has to manage your study and exams time to match with your other activities
  • secretary who must manage your boss’ agendas
  • yourself who just want to be more organized in year 2019
    and many more

Other examples is, if you are a patient who goes into medical treatment where you need to drink your medication regularly, visit your doctor in specific date, and monitor your progress in specific period.

How to Use 2019 Calendar Template

You don’t have to be an expert to use this calendar. Just set and put your date in respective columns. Set your start date in the first column in the event table. Then, put the end date in the second column. To make it one single date event, you need to skip the second column. Other columns are optional. Try to download and try to fill it.

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This calendar is generated using a Yearly Calendar Generator where you can read more information about it in separate worksheet inside the excel calendar. There many models you can find in its commercial package including linear, two year and monthly calendar models.

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