2022 World Cup Predictor Game Template

2022 World Cup Predictor Game template is a tool to manage prediction game among your friends, relatives, colleagues etc. It has many features that you can use to select the most suitable game scenario for your prediction game.

If you were ever using previous office pool templates for Euro 2020 or World Cup 2018, you should be familiar with this template. Furthermore, you can find new game options in this template.

Predictor Game Setup

  • There is only one scenario in Group Stages. Just predict the scores and earn points for correct prediction (the highest paid version has Team Who Score First bonus option)
  • You can select between having team pairing in Knock Out matches similar with actual matches or based on your player’s prediction. If you pick KO matches to match your player’s prediction, you can use it as a one time entry prediction game. This option will allow you to request your players to submit their scores once, from the first group matches until final match. Each players will get their own group standing table. It could yield different knock out teams for each players
  • Bonus Point system. This is point that should be useful to make the game more fun. There are 15 bonus point system you can choose. Just set it to 0 if you don’t want to use it. Some of them are bonus point for predicting qualified teams who advance to KO round, bonus point for prediction Champion, Runner Up and 3rd Place team. Also, there are bonus point for predicting Best Player and Top Scorer of World Cup 2022 tournament.
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In this 2022 World Cup Predictor Game template, player’s standings will be ranked by :
1. Total match and bonus points
2. Total correct prediction
3. Total match points
4. Entry order in player scoreboard

Complete all setup parameters and put player names in player scoreboard worksheet. Then, you can go to All Players Board to fill your player’s prediction scores. If you pick player’s prediction matches as your type of knock out round game, you can type the score from the first match until the end. You can see that each group standings might have different contents. It depends on group prediction scores from each players. To activate points calculation, you can type actual results in tournament actual results table in this All Players Board worksheet. Do this every time particular matches are completed.

Predictor Game Leaderboard

You can track your player’s prediction in leaderboard worksheet. Also, you have summary of points and predicted scores from all of your players in one worksheet. In the latest version, you can also see top 3 score prediction on top of scoreboard worksheet.

You can check with its author website on further scenario. Since there are plenty options you can set, you might think different ideas on implementing it with your groups. You may ask for customization.

You can download the free version of 2022 World Cup Predictor Game template below. Not all features are available in this spreadsheet. But, there are full features version available to purchase.