2024 Euro Cup Predictor Game Template

Exceltemplates.org – 2024 Euro Cup Predictor Game template is a tool to organize prediction game with your friends during 2024 Euro Cup football tournament that will be held in June-July 2024 in Germany. 24 teams will compete to become the new Euro Champion, while Italy will try to defend its Euro 2020 title.

Regulation for the biggest football tournament in Europe in 2024 are similar with previous outings. There are 6 groups with 4 teams where top two teams and 4 best 3rd-place teams will advance the Round of 16. Elimination game start from Round of 16. Final match will take place on 14th of July 2024 in Olympiastadion, Berlin.

You know, it is really fun to compete with your friends on predicting the outcome of particular world cup matches. With plenty of game options, you pick your type of game and organize it easily.

Start using this template by going to the setup worksheet to prepare your game.

These are game scenario you can set in this Euro 2024 predictor game template:

Euro 2024 Predictor Game - Instructions to Use
  • One time entry prediction game. This option will allow you to request your players to submit their scores once, from the first group matches until final match. Each players will get their own group standing table. It could yield different knock out teams for each players. This is a new feature that should very helpful for group of players that don’t have much time to watch every matches and give prediction before it.
  • Knock Out round match winner bonus points. In knock out  round, there are possibilities of draw after Full Time period which lead to penalty shoot out. Since the comparison only apply on Full Time boxes, if the scores are draw, then there are no winners for those matches. Match winner bonus points will be given to players who predict correctly who win the match regardless of the length of time period. For example, your player predict one team win 2-1 in FT period while the actual result is that team win 5-3 by penalty kicks. The players won’t get points from particular match but they will get points for predicting the winner correctly. You can disable this bonus points by zeroing it in bonus point table if you don’t want this rule to be implemented in your game.
  • Best player and top scorer bonus points. These ones are new. Your player can predict best player and top scorer and get bonus points for their correct prediction.
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In this version, the excel formulas will rank players as follows :
1. Total match and bonus points
2. Total correct prediction
3. Total match points
4. Player’s registration

Complete all setup parameters and put player names in player scoreboard worksheet. Then, you can go to All Players Board to fill your player’s prediction scores. If you pick player’s prediction matches as your type of knock out round game, you can type the score from the first match until the end. You can see that each group standings might have different outcome. It depends on group prediction scores from each players. To activate points calculation, you can type actual results in tournament actual results table in this All Players Board worksheet. Do this every time particular matches are completed. Furthermore, track your player’s progress in Player Leaderboard worksheet.

You can check with its author website on further scenario. Since there are plenty options you can set, you might think different ideas on implementing it with your groups. You may ask for customization.

You can download the free version of 2024 Euro Cup Predictor Game template below. But, the version with all 24 teams will be released after all 24 teams are set. Last three teams will be decided in March 2024. You can try the previous version for Euro 2020 to get know about this predictor game. Not all features are available in this spreadsheet.