Blood Pressure Chart Template – High blood pressure or known as hypertension is a dangerous disease which is often called ‘silent killer’. It gets such term because hypertension causes death without long prior notifications. Besides, hypertension also stands as the endorser of other dangerous diseases’ appearance; such as stroke, heart disease, etc. Hypertension can be prevented by noticing the changes of your blood pressure. Blood Pressure Chart can help you understanding what certain blood pressure means; including the health risk it carries.

Blood Pressure Chart Excel Template

Blood Pressure Chart Function

Blood Pressure Chart is a kind of chart or diagram which shows the details about someone’s blood pressure. Besides, it also provides more description on what the pressure means. There are two important terms which are used within this chart: systolic and diastolic. Systolic is the pressure produced by the heart force. The blood pumped through arteries when the heart beats. During that time, heart force generates systolic. On the other hands, diastolic is the contrary. This pressure takes place when the heart is relaxed and stretched arteries is contracting back. That is the reason why diastolic pressure is always lower than systolic. In Blood Pressure Chart, there will be two combinations of diastolic and systolic level along with their description.

How to Use Blood Pressure Chart Template

To make use of this Blood Pressure Chart, you have to know each of the diastolic and systolic blood pressure by taking blood pressure tests. Then put the result on the table every time you take the test. After getting the data, take a look on Blood Pressure Chart to see where your position (of health risk) is: whether you are normal, hypertension, or others. In this case, you must be able to read the chart righteously. Moreover, you should also need to pick the right chart based on your gender and age; since Blood Pressure Chart varies on age level as well as gender.

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