Blood Pressure Log Template – You may need this blood pressure log template if you want to record and track your blood pressure over particular time. It uses Microsoft Excel where you can use available excel formulas and functions to analyze inputted data.

Blood Pressure Log Excel Template

The importance of recognizing the blood pressure is undeniable. It becomes essential because such information may lead into various different health conclusions. For instance, if the pressure is too high, it may mean that the people must be careful in their lifestyle and daily consumption. Or if the blood pressure changes drastically from day to day, a further examination is absolutely needed. Thus, you will need such a tool or thing to record your blood pressure from time to time. Blood Pressure Log can be a helpful solution. It is a kind of record paper (also can be a soft file), in a table, which keep your blood pressure data. The benefit of having this log is that you can analyze your health condition, at least the signs coming from the log data; when it comes down or up, etc.

Commonly, there will be two kinds of data from the blood pressure: the diastolic and systolic. Diastolic is the force or pressure exerted (on arteries) when the heart is relaxed. It is also called the lower pressure. Meanwhile, systolic is exerted pressure when the heart is beating; or the upper pressure. You can download the free blood pressure log template below and start edit it. You can edit the title, type your name, and change the title in each column. Once it is all ready, just type the data every time you have measured your blood pressure. There are two recorded blood pressure within a day that can be inputted within the same row in this table. It should ease you analyze daily variation of your health or your patients.

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