Consultant Invoice Template – Sending a consultant invoice to your customers on time is a crucial thing to consider because the sooner the invoice is sent out, the faster the payment is made. Happily, a consultant invoice template enables consultants to create an invoice fast so that a consultant now has chances to receive a payment for their work much faster. A consultant invoice template avoids consultant from wasting their time designing an invoice and typing different information every time they must make an invoice for a different client. The template will help all consultants who usually receive their payment late get their payment soon.

Consultant Invoice Excel Template

The consultant invoice template has three different purposes; they are consultant invoice for general, for hourly services, and for mixed services and products. Even though the purposes are different, the consultant invoice template has similar look. What make the three templates different are the columns in the table. The invoice template for general has 3 columns with number, project description, and amount as subheadings. The invoice for hourly has 5 columns with number, project description, total hour, hourly rate, and amount as subheadings. The invoice for mixed services and products has 3 columns with number, description and amount as subheadings where there is a description of quantity and price under description subheading.

How to Use a Consultant Invoice Template

Since this is a free and fully editable excel template, you can modify before using it. If you want to use it directly, you can follow steps below.
– Put your company logo on the left top of the invoice
– Write down the description of the project including information about number of invoice, project period, date when the invoice is issued, payment terms, and due date of the invoice in the
– Write down the description of the client including client name, client address, and name of the project
– Write down the description and amount in details
– Write down the total amount that must be paid
– Provide information about your bank account and your company

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