Costume Rental Inventory and Booking Template – Talking about business, there are a lot of business opportunities out there that are still wide open for us. One is a costume rental business. This is a type of business that currently not much in demand, even though the benefits of this business is quite high. You invest once, and then you can rent it as many times as you want. It should be some correct business calculation, though.

Costume Rental and Booking Template

There are plenty of activities that requires people to rent costumes/clothes instead of buying them. Especially, if the activities of events are happened occasionally. For example, Halloween party. People tends to rent creepy costumes for events that only happened once a year. Other example is particular theme party where people are asked to wear special costumes, like cowboys, 70s dresses, traditional clothes etc.

Compares with other rental business, it relatively requires smaller funds to start. And people can start from a small number of inventories that can be expanded along the way. In conclusion, it is one of small capital business opportunity.

This excel spreadsheet should help you starting your business by recording inventory and its booking from the beginning. Why booking is included? Because in rental, you need to manage inventory from time to time and you must be sure how many items that you have in your inventory when people contact you and ask for particular costumes. If you don’t record your bookings, you might think that you have requested items at particular dates. You can avoid this disputes by recording both inventory and booking items within single spreadsheet.

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You can download costume rental inventory and booking spreadsheet below. This free version is limited in features. If you found it useful for your rental businesses, you can visit its author website to read more about upgrading to paid version.



Using Microsoft Excel to simplify your spreadsheet tasks is not as difficult as you think. I learned how to use it in less than 24 hours and rely on internet to find the solution if I got stuck. I am not an Excel expert, but here are all useful spreadsheets I have collected and created.