Credit Control List Template – If you have a loan service business, it is very important for you to have complete details of the loan that is made by your customers. You need to make a list of the credit that you have given to your customers. This list is very useful for you to control or monitor the money or loan that you give, the due date of the payment or the loan, the credit limit of each customer and many more. You can write all the data down on the tables and it will be calculated automatically in your computer.

Credit Control List Excel Template

Credit control list is important to maintain the loan that is given to your customers. You can easily check on the details of the loan anytime. It helps you a lot by giving clear and direct data on the loans. This list will be helpful too for those banks who often give credits to their customers. Maybe not for a big or well established bank that have been successfully get billions customers, but for those small banks like maybe local credit union and others.

This credit control list has ten columns. In each of the column, you can fill it with the account number of the customer, the name of the customer, the open date, credit line, available credit, credit that have been used, current credit and the length of the loan from 30 days to 90 and up days. You can write it all down in the list and at the bottom of the list you can see the total credit of all your customers that have been automatically calculated

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