Delivery Receipt Template – It is always essential to keep the receipt every time you are involved in a trading or transaction; as well as delivery receipt. This can be more important if you are the one who deliver the product or service. This delivery receipt functions as a proof that certain product, package, etc. has been received (by the customer). Once it has been signed by the customers or anyone receiving the delivery, the transaction between seller-buyer is officially done.  In case something unexpected happens, it can be used as evidence.

Delivery Receipt Excel Template

Whilst you do not have any idea on how to create a quick and easy to use delivery receipt, do not worry. You can download the free delivery receipt template in Microsoft Excel below. The template can be edited. Thus, it will be easy for you to adjust the existing template into the one you need. What supposed to be in Delivery Receipt is the information about these following things:
– Title of ‘Delivery Receipt’ and the identity of company (name, address, contact number, email, etc.)
– Number and date of receipt
– The details of customers: name, address, zip, phone number
– A table consisting of delivered product details: quantity, description, pieces in each package, and the amount of package.
– A space for receiver’s signature

This Delivery Receipt template can be used repeatedly for more transactions. You just need to print it out and bond it like a book so that you can use it for some period of time. It has B5 size format. You can edit it to make it printed as two delivery receipts in A4 or Letter size format or just prepare B5 paper sheet.

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