Employee Attendance Tracker

Exceltemplates.org – Employee Attendance Tracker will help employers to monitor and manage the attendance of their employees in office. This is ideal for those who have big companies, or only small companies. Some database manager even can be used for part time and full time employees. The software will ease you to track and record their attendance, which then will be used to ease the evaluation process.

Employee Attendance Tracker
Employee Attendance Tracker

Working with Excel
This is the main program you will use to run the software. Excel, as the foundation, will summarize the information of your  company, and move the summary to other office suites. Thus, you can easily copy and paste the data into Ms. Word or Ms. Power Point. The way you work with this software is similar when you work with Excel. Yet, this cut some unnecessary process you do with your Excel. If in your office, you need to calculate the working days, the absences, and the holidays, it is better to do it instantly. Doing thus actions manually will consumer more time. Start to use the software, try to start from the lite version. Here, you can asses how this tool can help your tasks objectively.

You can start from setting up the spreadsheet. First, set your attendance period. Second, set your working days per week. Third, type your employee names and allocate employee absence codes. Then you can start recording your employee’s attendance day by day in each attendance worksheet. There are summary worksheets and dashboard to evaluate your employee’s attendance performance.

Check this template >  Employee Shift Schedule Template

The Versions
There are two versions offered. The Lite edition will be ideal for those who never use this kind of software before. It is a good start to download the lite edition and feel the experience. Later, if you need more feature for your company, start to buy the paid version, the Pro version. In this version, you get all shown worksheets unlocked where you can modify the layout with ease, and tweak the excel formula in it. You can customize it to be a spreadsheet that meets your needs.

What to Prepare
The software will work with Microsoft Excel 2010 and 2007. This is created without macro, so that you will find small number of reduce incompatibility issues between the Ms. Windows and Office version. If you have Apple product, Mac for instance, this software will also work with that. Yet, it is better if you test the performance of the software first, when it is used in Mac environment. This is a great way to cut your time and money in processing the database of your employees. It is a great tool to make your work be more effective.



Using Microsoft Excel to simplify your spreadsheet tasks is not as difficult as you think. I learned how to use it in less than 24 hours and rely on internet to find the solution if I got stuck. I am not an Excel expert, but here are all useful spreadsheets I have collected and created.