Employee Database Management Template

Exceltemplate.org – Is your job related with employee database handling and you are looking for a simple and user-friendly database format in excel? Then try to use this employee database manager for excel. This template will be really useful especially for those who are working under human resource department. Employee database management template comes in handy especially for helping human resource jobs and listed below are a few reasons why employee database manager is important for your company to use.

Employee Database Management Template

Talking about human resources jobs description is quite complex since it connects all departments in a company. The job is mostly related to track employee information such as employee training, employee benefits, personal data, hiring and resigned checklists and many more. All of these jobs are definitely need an employee database as its basic information of human resource tasks. To get these tasks done, human resource needs an efficient as well as an effective tool that is simple to use edit or add employee database and this employee database management template can be your ideal software.

The Employee Database Management template here is a very basic version on how to record important employee information upon their joining date. Only two worksheets available for customization. But, you should get the idea since they are fully editable.

Obvious difference between this spreadsheet with other spreadsheets are in its data entry method. Most of spreadsheets require you to input data in horizontal position. Needed information are written as table headers where employee record are put at the left side. This spreadsheet uses a different approach where you can fill your employee data from above to the bottom to follow employee personal data entry form. In my opinion, it is more convenience.

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How to Use

Open the first worksheet and type record number for particular employee. Then, you can continue filling your employee information from the first part (Personal Detail) until the last part (Education Detail). You may add more necessary item and delete unnecessary ones. To fill next employee information, you just go to the second column and start filling it again. There five columns available in this spreadsheet that you can expand to accommodate as many employee as possible.

The second worksheet contains a single employee information that you can retrieve by typing its record ID. It uses VLOOKUP function to get respective data.

How to Modify

You can insert rows and columns and delete them to meet your employee database record requirement. Remember that you need to adjust some parameters in the second worksheet since it uses VLOOKUP function. You need to rearrange its reference in column A. Just drag the first number down to the end to align the number with particular row from employee database. Also, do not forget to copy the item title at the left side from employee database worksheet to the second one to maintain its consistency.

You might get the idea on how to make your own based on this spreadsheet. Try to create one. You can add summary worksheet to collect and visualize important stats of your employees.