Employee Database Management Template

Exceltemplate.org – Is your job related with employee database handling and you are looking for a simple and user-friendly database format in excel? Then try to use this employee database manager for excel. This template will be really useful especially for those who are working under human resource department. Employee database management template comes in handy especially for helping human resource jobs and listed below are a few reasons why employee database manager is important for your company to use.

Employee Database Management Template
Employee Database Management Template

Talking about human resources jobs description is quite complex since it connects all departments in a company. The job is mostly related to track employee information such as employee training, employee benefits, personal data, hiring and resigned checklists and many more. All of these jobs are definitely need an employee database as its basic information of human resource tasks. To get these tasks done, human resource needs an efficient as well as an effective tool that is simple to use edit or add employee database and this employee database management template can be your ideal software.

Features :

a. Customized employee data form and summary worksheet
Not only you can customize the employee data form with the specific names and title of employee, but also you can get all employee information in a single database worksheet where you can use this for many purpose, such as creating a summary of the employees into specific category and in specific year (leaves, salary, division, department etc) or else you can also get an up-to-date individual summary worksheet to monitor employee’s expiring contract by looking at the recent resigned/hired employees database in excel.

b. Customized dashboard
Employee database management template can also be considered as the best human resources dashboard. In which you can simply modify the dashboard into current up to seven year summary in chart visualization. For the current year visualization, in the chart you will see employee distribution, employee status and salary distribution. Meanwhile, you can see other features such as hired vs resigned employee, salary budget vs realization and realization vs number of employee target in seven year chart visualization. By looking at this seven year visualization, especially knowing the summary of number of employee target vs realization, it will help your job as a human resource related that require you to calculate the fulfillment of man power planning in your company.

c. Fully unlocked (Pro version only)
This template is available in 2 versions, they are lite and pro version. In lite version, you are able to manage for maximum of 15 employees. Meanwhile, you are able to manage until 250 employees and do any kind of customization with employee database manager management worksheets. It requires a minimum Microsoft Excel 2007 running on Microsoft Windows and 2008 on Mac.

Use the lite version to test any available features and consider to purchase the Pro version to fully utilized this spreadsheet.