Euro 2020/2021 Schedule and Scoresheet Tracker – Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet Tracker is a very useful tool for football lovers. It consists a full schedule of Euro 2020 Final football tournament that will take place in 12 countries in 2020. Pandemic situation has push the schedule to be held in 2021.

But, in order to minimize the cost and to maintain all hard works that have been done, all promotion materials and brand are remain the same. So, it is still called Euro 2020 even though it is held in year 2021.

This is an Excel template with formulas that will automate team standings based on their match results. With this tool, you can track your favorite team easily while watching them during the tournament.

Euro 2016 Schedule for Excel
Euro 2020/2021 Schedule for Excel

Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet Tracker is an excel template in which the entire details and features are made to record a soccer tournament in the most eligible way. Since the regulations are different, this template gets several adjustments. There is an addition of an individual table for third place team standing, which happens in Euro 2016 championship.

This excel sheet is also completed with a language customization worksheet, so you can adjust as you need to, and if you couldn’t find the translation doesn’t fit you well, you can customize it using separate worksheet. Obviously, this excel sheet already has teams and groups of teams of participants listed, so you can literally track particular team score and their chance on winning the championship or getting into the knock out round.

You can see in this Euro 2020/2021 template, it has the entire regulations mapped on it. It means you can use the sheet to demonstrate the flow of the championship automatically. You don’t need to do it manually and checking on many kinds of source for it. First, it gives you the schedule for each team. The entire participants are classified into several groups. This has been mapped so you can see which teams are fighting and when the match happens. Second, it helps you in tracking the scores so you can also see who is fighting for the next rounds. As the applied regulations are mapped, adding data on the sheet will help you get the next fighting teams along with the schedule. This feature also enables you to see who makes the best third place teams, who get into the runner up teams, and who have the chance for the final.

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This excel spreadsheet is free, but it is password protected. But, the author of this Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet provides option to purchase the fully editable version. It will be useful if you want to learn how the tie-breaker works, conditional formatting, and other formulas built this spreadsheet. Also, it give you access to insert your logo if you plan to put it in your commercial cafe, bar or restaurants.

In conclusion, this sheet makes sure that you get everything well documented and recorded at home. You don’t need to open a certain website every time you need to recall on details. You can also have the exact schedule on the next games and matches. What are you waiting for? You should get one Euro 2020 Schedule and Scoresheet Tracker.


Using Microsoft Excel to simplify your spreadsheet tasks is not as difficult as you think. I learned how to use it in less than 24 hours and rely on internet to find the solution if I got stuck. I am not an Excel expert, but here are all useful spreadsheets I have collected and created.