Fitness Chart for Men Template – Women are not the only ones who care about how they look in their daily life. Some men would also try to improve their looks by going to the gym often to work out or exercise in order to shape a great looking physique. If you are in the middle of the process of building your physique, you might want to take a note on your regular improvement caused by your workout regiments. And by using men fitness chart template provided in Microsoft Excel, you can monitor how much your body grow and improve after every exercise.

Fitness Chart for Men Excel Template

The term of men fitness chart refers to a chart that would write down every single improvement caused by your exercise routine. The improvements that you could write down are varied, but mostly revolve around chest size, weights, waist, hips, and many others. By monitoring your body, you can see the direct result of your exercises so that you can decide what to do next. It is also useful to monitor the overall lean body weight, fat weight of your body, body fat percentage, and also body mass index.

How to use Fitness Chart for Men Template

The first thing you need to do is filling out your height in the I2 and I3 columns. Enter the date of every exercise in the A cells, and your weight change in the B cells. The columns of C, D, and E are for the change in chest, waist, and hip respectively. While on the F, G, H, and I columns is supposed to be filled with the lean body weight, fat weight , body fat percentage and also body mass index estimation.

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You can develop this free template to suit more your needs.



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