Freelance Invoice Template – In general, Invoice refers to a document, the legal one, which is issued or created by the sellers for the buyers. It functions as a transaction reminder and proof for both sides. What about Freelance Invoice? Well, it stays the same. The difference is that such invoice is made by the freelancers to get payment from the client they work for. There are plenty of type of jobs that can be done by freelancers. You might find it plenty of them from internet. For example, designing a logo, translating and typing your document, entering your data, etc. They are all can be done just by submitting your needs into respective part-time or freelance internet portal where they will come back to you with this invoice with the amount of payment that you should made. On the other hand, if you are a freelancer, especially a new person who plan to start doing freelance jobs, this invoice can be used as a document reference to charge your clients.

Freelance Invoice Excel Template

Freelance Invoice form is named so because of its creator: the freelancer. The form looks absolutely similar to many kinds of invoice for other different purposes. There are details about the following things:
– Due date of payment
– Number and date of issuing
– Payment terms
– Description of job done by the freelancer and the cost; which are put in a table
– Details about the payment: to whom, which account, or company name
– The total of payment after reduced by the tax

To use the template, just open it to edit and fill the data in each part of it. This template is absolutely adjustable so that you can make necessary changes; including the font type, color, etc. Freelance Invoice template can be used repeatedly without a need to create the form again. The data can be put on the template before or after you print it out.

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