Gantt Chart Template – Gantt chart is an example of a non-mathematical technique that is widely used. Gantt chart can help the users to ensure that all activities have been planned, the entire time the project has been created, the order of performance has been calculated, and estimated time activities have been recorded. Gantt chart is widely recognized as the fundamental tool of a project management planning and it is easily applied by the project managers to enable a person in order to look easy time in starting and completion of tasks and sub- tasks of the project. More and more tasks in the project and important in sequences between tasks, the greater the tendency and desire to modify the Gantt chart. Gantt chart can help answer the questions “what if” when the system saw the opportunities to make changes in advance of need.

Gantt Chart Template for Excel
Gantt Chart Template for Excel

It will be easier to make the simple Gantt chart template using Excel than create it. Actually, it is an easy thing because basically, the user is the only people who know how the plan is. But as the fact, the Gantt chart is important because it is needed by the employee who want to meet the client and make plan, bring lots of money, this chart is necessary here. It will be need more time to learn how to compromise with this chart. While in the other hand, the jobs are waiting. So the best solution of this problem is installing this template of the Gantt chart in the Microsoft Excel.

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This Gantt chart template is able to accelerate the process of the planning. This program is designed to support the user in creating the plant. More than that, this software has the best features to manage easily the resource that is available. As the fact and if it is compared with the other Gantt chart, this software helps to create the professional plan. This tool is available to use in Microsoft Excel for helping the manager in creating, planning, and making the projects. And for the team of the project, this application is able to build the project plan consistently.

This template system is very simple, easy to make and to understand. So it is very useful for a communication tool in the implementation of the project. Gantt chart is very easy to understand, the horizontal beam or the horizontal bar made on each project activity along the timeline. Gantt chart is used for simple scheduling or projects that are related to the activities or projects that are not too small, while the network for scheduling is a complicated project. Besides, the Gantt chart can also be used for scheduling the recurring operations. It also can describe an activity schedule and the fact real progress at the time of reporting. And when it is combined with other methods, it can be used at the time of reporting.

This tool is completed with various option on the personalization in the layouts. More than that, this tool is flexible in selecting the working days as well. Besides, it can help the user to save more expense. More than one project may be able to be created using this tool such as calculating, marketing, construction, renovation, development, even, product development, and many more. This is the best Microsoft Project alternative, if you are looking for it. This template requires Microsoft Excel 2007 for Windows and Microsoft Excel 2008 for Mac.

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This Gantt chart template has the most needed features created to work with Excel without any problems. Those are,

  • Automatic task bar colors within your project time period
  • Automatic date/day marking colors based on start/end dates, holidays and employee’s leaves
  • Automatic task progress color
  • Automatic working days calculation
  • Flexible project end dates (based on date or number of weeks)
  • And many more

The free template that you download below has some limitation which will be lifted if you purchase the Premium version. If you want to have a full control of the template, you can purchase both Premium and its Password. There are several free version you can try in its author website.



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