Home Inventory Template

Exceltemplates.org – Have you experience losing something precious in your home but you do not aware of it until a very long time after? Have you confuse to distinguish which items already insured and which need to be insured? Are you often move and often lose things while moving? If you experience one of or all of those problems, it is time for you to make your own home inventory.

Home Inventory

Home inventory is a record of items and belongings in your house with detail information. It is show you important items you have inside the house so you will know exactly what you have. If you want to buy new item, you can check whether you already have it or not, enough or not enough. When you feel the house is too stuffed, you can check the list to see items that could be removed.

The details of information available in the inventory are including location of the items (room), brand/model, category, purchase price, purchase date, purchase store, serial number, warranty, and other additional information. You will find such information would be useful in many circumstances. For instance, when some item broken, you can easily check whether it is still covered by warranty and to which store you need to send it for repair. When you want to sell the item, you can easily check the purchase price and the time you buy it to estimate the selling price. There are so much more usage of this home inventory and you will regret if you do not make it soon.

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This spreadsheet consists of three worksheets: item pool, terms, and inventory. Item pool is used to list the name and description of the items in order to make the inventory work easier because you only need to select from the dropdown list. Term worksheet is used to list category of the item and depreciation year of each category, and list of the room. The inventory worksheet is the record of home inventory where you put the item’s details.

The inventory is made to record the items room by room to make it easier to list the items and to monitor it. For small items that we commonly have them in big number such as books and CDs, you can generalize them to make it easier to record it. However, if you think they are so precious, you can list them one by one. You can modify the template to meet your needs better.

Working with home inventory is not easy, especially if you have big houses with almost countless items here and there. However, it is better to have incomplete inventory than not have it at all. You can start it from precious and very important items that would be troublesome if you lose it or something you need to manage it regularly. You can also start it from one room and then followed by other rooms. For personal bedroom, you can ask the owner of the room to help you make the inventory list. It will make the work easier and faster. Eventually, your home inventory will complete.

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