Inventory Calculator

Indeed, if you have small business or big business activity, you may need Inventory Calculator. This calculator can be used by those who want to list all of the order and sales activity that you have done for one year or one week. As a result, you will be able to know how much order quantity that have been requested by the clients and also Incoming quantity for one year. If you see that the rate of sales that you have done in the previous year is less than now, you can make a conclusion that this year: you are more successful than before.

Inventory Calculator Excel Template

While using this calculator, you can also make a graphic about how your business develops. If the graphic always rise, it means that your company has developed rapidly from time to time, yet if the graphic is not balance; sometimes rise and sometimes down, you have to do something to increase your profit. Using inventory calculator is not difficult though. By using this calculator, you will be able to know all business activity that you have done.

In inventory calculator, you can also calculate its safety stock in percentage. Then, you can total the entire inventory observed activity from the beginning until the end. List of category that you have to type are the number of week, initial inventory, the quantity of order, incoming quantities, the quantity of sales, ending inventory and safety total. As mentioned above, do not forget to make a graphic so that you will know the development of your business.

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