Invoice Generator – Is your job related with invoice handling but you are not really mastering excel formula? Then try to use this invoice generator for excel.  In financial terms, it is very common to include calculation with specified value, for example in the receipt or invoice. By using VBA in Microsoft excel, you can make these functions to get your tasks done in the workbook easily. However, operating this VBA function in Microsoft excel is certainly not an easy thing for most people, especially for beginners. With this invoice creator for excel, you are able to manage your invoice tasks without having to deal with VBA functions. You can also customize you invoice to your clients with 6 different template layouts. Below are the reasons why you should definitely use this application.

Excel invoice generator
Invoice Generator

One of businesses that can use this kind of invoices is a manufacture business. It is closely related with dealers or suppliers. The manufacture company uses factory invoice to generate the price that the dealers or supplier need to pay to them for trading. Not to forget also this factory invoice which consists of important number could also be one of the best media to negotiate the price. From here, we could see how fundamental the role of invoice in manufacture business. There are also huge opportunities for manufacture business to change the dealers or supplier. Moreover, since it is a manufacture business, the company may hire temporary labor to support the production process. It all fully depends on current projects or material supply that may affects to the number of labor, how many the material supply or how long the project duration needed. With this invoice generator for excel, you can have many options to choose which invoice type you can use to support with your business process.

Check this template >  Sales Report Template

a. Add your own name
This application will allow you to add and customize with your own name to your invoice fields.
b. Hide and Show Options
With this invoice generator for excel, you are able to hide the unnecessary and show the important invoice fields. Not only you can highlight the information to what you really want to work on but you can also decide what exactly you would like to see on your excel and you can easy to access the invoice, when certain invoices are needed to be processed anytime.
c. Monthly summary report
Forget about the manual way or additional purchase to generate your excel data into a monthly summary invoice report. There are 3 summary available in invoice generator for excel where you can simply get your report of both your issued invoices monthly and your account receivable data.
d. 6 different type of invoice
Impress your clients with a variety of invoice type that suited their needs with invoice generator for excel. This application allow you to customize the invoice type with 6 different options, they are:
– Material only invoice
– Material and Labor Invoice
– Labor only invoice
– Material and project invoice
– Project and completion invoice
– Project only invoice