Laundry Bookkeeping Template

Are you running a laundry business? Then, you might use this Laundry Bookkeeping Business Bookkeeping template in Excel format to summarize your business into financial statement automatically. Every people can use it. You can move your laundry data into this spreadsheet easily. It doesn’t need any accounting knowledge. It has been adjusted specifically to laundry business model.

Set the spreadsheet and entry your data regularly. Or, if you already have your own cash book, you don’t have to entry each customers transaction. You can fill summary of daily or weekly transactions into this laundry bookkeeping template. It will generate financial statements for one year fiscal period.

Laundry bookkeeping template fits any models of laundry business. Self service or coin operated machine or full service laundry business or combination of both. You can see samples of both models inside this template.

Features and How to Use

This laundry bookkeeping template has a menu to help you move between any modules easily. It will serve as application table of contents as well.

Laundry Business Bookkeeping Template for Excel

Modules in this spreadsheet are divided into five big parts.


You can set as minimum as setting the starting date of your fiscal period and your business name. Other settings are optional. You can set it while inputting your data. Do not have to set from the beginning. You can change prefilled revenue and expenses categories with your own.


Laundry Bookkeeping Template - Sales Module

Sales module is a worksheet to fill your income transaction. As you can see in picture above, it has a simple table to put all your transactions. You can fill it with daily transaction summary. Or, you can use it for every customer’s transaction. You can print receipts as well.

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Use channel column to differentiate outlets or advertising channels. Just skip it if you don’t need it. It is optional.

Income and expenses not related transactions can be filled in other income | expenses module. It has bank account layout. So, you won’t have any difficulties on using it.


This module allows you to print receipt, invoice or cash receipt.

Account Payable/Receivable

Need to track account payable or receivable? This module is prepared for that purpose.

Financial Report

There are many report modules you can use to track and monitor your business. They will summarize your laundry transactions into respective reports. There are complete financial statements with standard accounting format; profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow and equity statements.

Laundry Bookkeeping Template - Financial Statement Dashboard

Also, there is a Dashboard module to visualize your business situation in one page. If you are running other business, you can try other bookkeeping model. Those are sharing similar platform. But, they have been adjusted to particular business, like hotel, rental, store, repair shop, restaurant and clinic.

Try the demo version to understand more about this laundry bookkeeping template.



Using Microsoft Excel to simplify your spreadsheet tasks is not as difficult as you think. I learned how to use it in less than 24 hours and rely on internet to find the solution if I got stuck. I am not an Excel expert, but here are all useful spreadsheets I have collected and created.