Medical Bill Tracker Template – When people are getting sick, they will hope that the insurance that they have joint will give the maximal contribution. Nowadays, the cost of medical fee is not cheap. A person may have to sell his or her house for paying the medical fee. However, some insurance companies apply the policy about the internal tax deductibility or reimbursement. Those things become the polemic which relates to the rejection of a claim which has applied by the patient. The series of medical treatment will add more homework when it comes to bill counting system.

Medical Tracker Excel Template

Tracking the medical expense will be better to appeal the rejected claim or to check if there is any incorrect number on the medical bill. If you need to keep the record of your medical expense, this medical bill tracker becomes the best choice. This bill tracker can show how the insurance company that you use take care of your business and you can find out whether the insurance company based on the procedure or not. This medical bill tracker will reduce the risk of miscounting which possibly to happen by the medical staff. Now you do not need to waste your time, remembering and counting the medical expense that you have spent, plus you have a proof to take claim your insurance policy.

This medical bill tracker consists of ten columns. We start from the biggest table first. It consists of the information related to the medical treatment such as the when the examination is done, the medical number record, the fee which patient have to pay. Next is the column which becomes the place of insurance company’s duty or we call it a claim. If there is any additional money from the patient’s belonging paid here, it will be mentioned in “out-of-pocket expenses paid”, plus the check number and the total amount.

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