Medication Log Template – As a nurse or doctor assistance, you have responsibility to monitor the patients’ condition day by day. This monitoring depends on the illness type that each patient has. For some patients who have serious condition, the more comprehensive monitoring is important. And it is not only a job where you just enter the treatment room and check the things there. You also need to record the essential mattes including the given medications.

Medication log template

Medication Log form is a table which can be used to record all types of given drug to a patient. You will need to bring it anytime the doctor or you will give the patient additional medication. You keep the record of given time and dosage. This tracking is not only essential to support the financial charge but importantly to see the impacts to the patient health. The table can be used as reminder too. A form, however, can’t be used for two or more patients. Each paper must be for one patient. To make easier identification, this medication log has to be designed with the name of related patient on it.

The form of medication log from one hospital to another is not the same. However, it does not mean that patient can’t get the common sample. The medication log can be designed on MS Word with five columns. They are including medication, dosage, date, time and remark. On the upper part of the table, there must be patient name, birth date, address, doctor name, doctor address, pharmacy name and pharmacy address.

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