Monthly Planner Template – Being organized will make your life easier. You have prepared the plan for what to do in the future, at least for the next hours or days. There are probably times when you feel so blank. You do not have any idea what to do or you just forget the special things. And you may regret the missed moments. Therefore, you need to plan it in advanced.

Monthly Planner Excel Template

It is the best time to start thinking about using Monthly Planner. It is a simple planning template which you can simply utilize the MS Excel. It contains of at least three worksheets. You can list the important dates on the first worksheets. The second one is the planner. It is a big calendar where you can write special notes on each date about the things you want to do. The next or third worksheets will be the place for supporting calendar. With this planner, you will have a personal reminder about the special dates.

It is an old-fashion way to leave marks on the wall mounted calendar. Unless it is placed in your room, it needs an alternative calendar to write down the plans. If you have no idea how to create it, there are many websites that offer the template for free. You just need to modify it with the specific things to do and the dates without breaking the formulas.

How to Use Monthly Planner Template with Excel

This template below is basically a monthly calendar where all 12 months are packed with excel formula that you can reveal it one by one. Each month will have additional four rows to pull respective event information that you put in event tables in event table worksheet. You can use slide bar next to month name to go into respective month to see your written schedule.

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