Present Value Calculator – Are you looking to invest in a thing that could be potentially beneficial in the future? Clearly most of the investment that you make will only offer you the future value that you might get. Yet, it is quite difficult to find out the current or the present equivalent of the value of such an investment. That is why you will need the help of present value calculator. Present value calculator itself will help you to calculate the exact value of the future investment as if it existed in the present day. In doing so, you can calculate exactly how beneficial the value that you will make in the future.

Present Value Calculator Excel Template

The History of Present Value Term

There is no certain resource that could tell exactly the early development of either present value or present value development. But as the development of present value was at the same time around the development of net present value, it is possible that the use of present value calculator could be traced back to the late 19th century. Back at that time, present value could sometimes also be called as a fictitious capital. It wasn’t until in the 1950s that present value valuation became familiar in the finance world.

How to use the Present Value Calculator for Excel

Nowadays, we can calculate present value by using templates that are made by Microsoft excel. And present value excel template provides such an easy way to calculate the values. First thing that you need to do is to find out the amount of interest rate and fill them out on the interest rate column. Next, you need to fill out the period column with the overall time of the investment. And finally, added the future value in the D8 column. After you fill out those details, the template will generate the result in the present value column.

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