Balance Sheet Template

Balance Sheet template is an Excel template to generate your company financial transaction summary automatically. Type data inputs and assign respective balance sheet category in data input worksheets. Set theme codes to get particular report theme.

There are many complicated things to do within accounting jobs, including the process of creating Balance Sheet. This sheet is an estimation of all of assets you have as well as the liabilities. - Balance Sheet Report

How Important is Balance Sheet?

It is the soul of your company’s financial situation. Investors/stakeholders are reading your company’s health from this balance sheet report. Also, it will help you understanding your company’s situation better.

Before creating Balance Sheet, there are several terms you will have to be familiar with, such as:

Asset Parts

  • Fixed asset. It can refer to land, building, furniture, machinery, equipment, etc. Those are assets that will be depreciation over time. And if your company doesn’t make any profit, you will see that your assets value will tend to decrease.
  • Current assets. It includes inventory for merchandise and manufacturing company, prepaid expenses, cash (in banks), golds and other type of assets where you can sell it or expense it quickly.
  • Other assets like deposit and intangible assets. Also, do not forget to put accounts receivable if you have any.

Liability Parts

  • Long and short term debts. It includes bank debts and accounts payable. Also, you can put business taxes in this part.

Owner Equity Parts

  • Owner equity. This is the part where its values depends on your business performance. If you don’t understand accounting, then you might question it. How come? Parameters to see you as an investor is gaining or losing is in this part. You put investment, but you will see that profit and loss values are in this part, too. If your business doesn’t give you any profit, its value will become negative and it will impact total of your equity.
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Remember that you have to make the amount of Assets is exactly similar with Liabilities + Owner’s Equities. In conclusion, it needs accounting knowledge to put all of those financial summary into correct places.

How to Use Balance Sheet Excel Template

To use this Balance Sheet template, you need to know how to calculate everything necessary to form those values. Below are several things on making and using Balance Sheet.

First, calculate the available cash, in hand and at bank. Those two will stay under the term of current assets of the balance sheet.

Second, gauge the fixed assets which are around you. Get the current cost of them; check the purchase price and subtract it by the depreciation cost, if the asset has been used for more than a year. This should be on fixed asset column

Third, calculate the financial instrument current value; such as the bond and share.

Fourth, calculate the business profit you have made in a year; and put it on the liability column.

Fifth, calculate the liability of your business by summing up the bank loan, and any other loan you have. The place for it is the same as profit in the previous step.

Lastly, put the business capital in liability column/side. Calculate it by subtracting total assets by the outside liability.

There is a Chart of Accounts inside the template that should help you organize your Balance Sheet report.

This balance sheet template below is part of integrated accounting template. It is an individual template that can help you creating either projected balance sheet or balance sheet statement. There are other individual templates like Income Statement template, Cash Flow template and Equity template you can use as well.

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If you are business owners and do not record your business transactions well, then you should do it as quick as possible before you realize that your business is not profitable enough to break even. Most of people are just seeing cash as profit without understanding how those cash are distributed within one fiscal year.



Using Microsoft Excel to simplify your spreadsheet tasks is not as difficult as you think. I learned how to use it in less than 24 hours and rely on internet to find the solution if I got stuck. I am not an Excel expert, but here are all useful spreadsheets I have collected and created.