Retail Store Inventory Manager – Retail stores always need merchandise inventory to be managed carefully. The inventory will be stored and sold to get profit. Inventory may be auxiliary materials, raw materials, semi-finished goods, finished goods or spare parts. Also, physical inventory count always take place. One missing item should erase expected store profit. As an important part of the company, inventory has substantial value to operational costs, inventory planning and control. Due to the importance of inventory then the company must make good inventory management in order to manage the inventory owned.

Retail Store Inventory Template

There are various mathematical models combined with computer-based inventory model that has been developed to assist companies in deciding how much inventory and when the inventory will be ordered. The usual methods used in this case include Material Requirement Planning (MRP). In the relationship of some inventory above then everything will form the relationship between production and product sales to get maximum profit.

But, some warehouse managers might not think that far. They are just guarding warehouses, handling administrative tasks, and let marketing managers think about item stocks. It depends on size of the company where they works. The bigger the company, the lesser the tasks for particular employees. All tasks already well distributed.

This inventory manager is a simple spreadsheet to help you managing your inventory in single warehouse. The idea is to separate goods, purchase and sales transaction in separate worksheets and then combine them in single worksheet. The combination will yield the final balance of particular merchandise. This simple inventory manager spreadsheet should fit any small business companies with single warehouse, like you who have one store or managing an online store. If you need a spreadsheet to handle more than one warehouse, you can upgrade it to paid version. There are information about it you can read in its About worksheet.

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Using Microsoft Excel to simplify your spreadsheet tasks is not as difficult as you think. I learned how to use it in less than 24 hours and rely on internet to find the solution if I got stuck. I am not an Excel expert, but here are all useful spreadsheets I have collected and created.