Simple Body Mass Index Calculator – BMI is an abbreviation for Body Mass Index. It is such calculation for the comparison between the weight and the height that you have. For the adult men and women, it is really important to check the point of BMI since it gives the parameter for the ideal body shape. There is such standard for what is called the ideal body shape and this BMI point is the proper indication to see that you have gained the ideal body shape. That is why this template of BMI is really needed to check the progress for the diet program.  It is really great in giving the actual data for the great comparison of weight and height.

BMI Calculator for Excel
BMI Calculator for Excel

To help you understanding BMI better or to calculate your BMI quickly, you can use a simple body mass index calculator created in Excel below. It is created using a general formula where all you have to do just typing your own data and see in which range your calculated BMI to see whether you are in a good shape or you need to do some exercises or food eating management.

If you need to know about the steps for using the template, you will not meet the hardship at all. First, you can get the data for the weight and later you need to fill in the height data. After that you can get the best result for the division of the weight and the height and you will check for the categories of the ideal body shape. If your point is in the range for normal body shape, you may get so excited. But if your point is in the category of overweight, you just need to take the better diet program.

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