Single and Double Elimination Tournament Bracket Creator – This spreadsheet is made to manage tournament bracket that implement elimination system, single or double. Sports that usually use elimination system are commonly ball sports such as tennis, badminton, and volley ball. Due to easiness of elimination system, some games competition are also implement it such as wrestling, card games, and computer games.


Single elimination is the most simple tournament system with seeded or random drawing to arrange the matches. However, participant commonly not satisfied with the system because luck plays a lot and after the first matches, half of participant will back home. Double elimination system is made to compensate those issues. The system is more complicated because participants will only be eliminated after lose twice. When arranging for large number of participants, the bracketing algorithm should be more precise in order to avoid possibilities of early meeting of participants who have lost in the first round.

Based on your input, this creator will generate automatic pairing matches and schedule to organize the venues and time. The Excel file is made without macros so it will compatible for any Excel version and even OS version.

Bracket Creator for Single Elimination System

We have Lite Edition with three different models. Lite edition is made to arrange up to 16 participants tournament. The models available are Single Score Tournament, Best of Three Sets System, and Best of Five Sets system.

You need to choose the model you want to use and describe required parameters in the setup. The parameters are number of players/teams (between 9-16), starting date, starting time, number of venues, time interval between matches in the same venue, and maximum number of matches in each venue.

Check this template >  2024 Euro Cup Predictor Game Template

Once the parameters are set, the next job is to type the list of participant names and venue names. Then, go to the bracket 9-16 worksheet and you will see the pairing matches for first round and the schedule. If you find the pairing is not what you want, you can change the order of players on the participants table.

Scheduler in this spreadsheet is made with fixed algorithm so modifying schedule from setup worksheet is not possible. If you want to modify the schedule, you need to do it in tournament bracket manually.

Bracket Creator for Double Elimination System

For this double elimination bracket, the setting is similar with single elimination bracket. Once you finish with all parameters, player names, venue names, time interval, and other data required, the matches would automatically scheduled. You can start managing the tournament with double elimination respective.

If you want to change the pairing matches, change the order of players in the setup worksheet or switch it manually in the tournament bracket. However, it is better to keep a copy of the original bracket and schedule because it will help you in case you make a mistake when changing the pairing manually.

If your tournament is involving large number of participants, you will need Pro Edition that available for purchase. Pro Edition is made to create bracket for single elimination tournament up to 128 participants while the double elimination version could manage up to 64 participants.