Soccer League Generator and Automatic Standing Table Template – Do you like to manage soccer competition and you are currently looking for a tool to help you arrange soccer league matches? Then you should consider to try  soccer league generator and automatic standing table template for Excel. It is simple to use and requires Microsoft Excel 2007 and above. It will help you tracking the competition in a more effective as well as efficient way. Below are the lists of flexible and other features you can get from this tool :

Soccer League Generator and Automatic Standing Table Excel Template

Flexible setting of competition features

  1. League Competition Format
    You are able to select between full and half competition.
  2. Competition Cycle
    You have 5 different cycle date options that can be set and chosen any time including daily, 2 times a week, 3 times a week, weekly or every two weeks.
  3. Custom Match Points
    You are able to determine the number for received points for those who draw, lose and win.
  4. Custom colors for group position
    You are able to set and change the color with 6 different colors available to indicate status of each teams, either they are qualified or relegated on next tournament.
  5. Tie-Breaker Policy
    You are also able to select one from four different tie-breaker policy

Soccer League Fixtures Generator - ExceltemplatesORG

Other Useful Features

  1. Accommodate until 40 teams
    Soccer competition league creator tool enables you to handle the soccer competition up to 40 teams. It is only available in paid version.
  2. Individual Team Dashboard
    Soccer competition league creator is designed in a single page layout that enables you to easily track and spread the information among any team matches involved. With this tool you can also do several things below:
    • Track result and competition of all teams in a comprehensive table format.
    • Track all team matches in a 1-year calendar format.
  3. Previous Five Win-Lose Records
    Besides score, dates and team mates that are used to score performance of your team, you can also get the review information of the 5 previous competition, recent performance and meetings. In addition, you are also able to track the reschedule the competition worksheet in any suitable times.
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However, you first need to ensure that you have Microsoft excel 2007/2010 version on your Microsoft windows or Mac as the minimum requirement before you install this tool. The Soccer League Generator with Automated Standing Table Template below is free but limited. Or, you can call it a Demo version. You can upgrade it to paid version if you find this template is useful for you to manage your soccer league competition or to simulate famous soccer league competition like English Premier League, Italian Serie A  or Spanish La Liga.


Using Microsoft Excel to simplify your spreadsheet tasks is not as difficult as you think. I learned how to use it in less than 24 hours and rely on internet to find the solution if I got stuck. I am not an Excel expert, but here are all useful spreadsheets I have collected and created.