Start Up Capital Estimator – If you are going to start a business, there are a lot of things to consider before you start it. First of all, you have to have a good plan about the business. The plan does not have to be great but it is better if you made an excellent planning related to your business. This planning cannot be considered randomly. You have to make it accurately and precisely, especially about the financial capital that you will need when you start the business.

Start Up Capital Calculator Excel Template

By having a template where you can write your startup capital estimation, you can write down all your needs and count the money that you will need for the business. In starting business, you will need monthly cost that you will need to maintain your business every month. And then there is also one time cost which you will spend only once when you start the business. You can write all the details of the startup capital here and you can see the total cost that you need for your business easily after you add all information about the needs.

This startup capital estimator does not consist of columns or tables like any other calculator template, but you will find that this estimator is written in column shape. It is separated into two parts, the monthly cost estimator and the one-time cost estimator. There are five parts like columns where you can write (from left to right) your company needs, monthly expense, cash that is needed to start, the percentage of total capital, and the estimating source. In the end you will get it accumulated automatically and you can discover how much money you have to spend for your business.

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