Supplier Comparison Chart Template – A Supplier Comparison Chart functions to help business owners understand comparative advantages among the plenty of options of suppliers that are out there. Suppliers preserve the function of making sure your store or business doesn’t run out of items to sell to your customers. The Supplier Comparison Chart in specific helps you compare one to the other. They help you compare the revenue you are gaining to the supplies that you have been receiving. They also help you understand what features are important to your supply chain.

Supplier Comparison Chart Excel Template

Looking back, suppliers have been in the industry ever since the proliferation of technology and the innovation. The more productions and demands there are, the more the need of suppliers to help business owners or business lines provide for their customers.

Using the Supplier Comparison Chart for Excel

The chart consists of two pages. It essentially compares two or more suppliers against each other based on features that a supplier must have. The first sheet is where you can type in the name of your suppliers. You can mention their names, or not, any way you please. The next step is to enter the features that you find important. As you are comparing several suppliers against each other, it is important to make sure that they all share this feature. As the chart is solely for your personal use, you are free to determine the features that you wish to compare. Some to name are: quality of products, services, prompt delivery, their reputation and responsiveness towards complaints. These are only some of the features that you can determine. Feel free to add more. Last but not least, is determining the comparative nominal. This is basically the value for each feature. Range it on a scale from i-5 to make the evaluation easier. Now that the boxes are filled in, view the results on the bottom. The average will then be converted into a graphic chart next to it.

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