Travel Planner Template – Are you a busy traveler who often comes and go to do the business? If yes, then you need what we call Travel Planner. It is just like a ‘to do list’ we usually have for our daily/weekly/monthly activities, but it is a little bit more complicated. There are more columns and description which will be helpful for you to make your traveling easier and less stressing.

Travel Planner Excel Template

Purpose of Travel Planner Template

You can make this Travel Planner for one year period, with separation for each date of traveling. What information can you get from it? At least you will find these following details:
• the date of traveling
• the description of the journey, concerning the transportation, accommodation, little explanation on the trip destination, purpose of traveling, etc.
• the activities and schedule; which is designed based on the time details. For example, from 7-8 a.m., your schedule is having breakfast with business partner
• list of things which should be prepared before traveling
• monthly calendar and holidays list

Travel Planner can be made in Ms Excel spreadsheets. All you have to do is just creating the table by forming tables; or download the existing template and apply it directly on your own computer. In addition, you can categorize or arrange the planner based on its month or year.

How to Use Travel Planner Template for Excel

When you have already got the template or creating the table for your Travel Planner, you can begin to fill the space with your traveling agenda. In order to check the completion of your schedules, if you want, it is also possible to add checklist column.
Travel Planner can also be updated, in case there are unpredictable things occurs after you finishing the planner. Travel Planner is advantageous for you to manage all the activities during your travels; preventing the unexpected things from happening.

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