Vehicle Service Record Template – There are two parties that use Vehicle Service Records the most. One is an insurance company, the other is the dealer of the car especially if they provide service for car maintenance or repair. If you are wondering how they help, car insurance companies needs these details to help determine if the claimants car is worthy of receiving insurance based on the records of the car. A car dealer will need these records to determine the best replacements, treatments or service is most effective to fix the car at hand. At the end of the Vehicle Service Record, the bills will be determined per action.

Vehicle Service Record Excel Template

As the English language is close to the French family of language, it is not a surprise to learn that the term service in old French meant the celebration of public worship. Though today, service comes not without a price, the essence of pleasing the party in need is still relevant to the term of Old French. The Vehicle Service Record indirectly helps maintain your car as you learn when fluid replacements are best scheduled or when brakes are best replaced with new ones. In the long run you get to learn about the good and bad features of your car based on these Vehicle Service Records.

How to Use the Vehicle Service Record Template for Excel

As the Vehicle Service Record is for cars or vehicles in general, the data that needs to be entered into the system are based on car maintenance actions that are applicable. They range from:  oil changing, lubricant application towards the chassis, oil filter changing, air filter changing, transmission fluid changing and the flush cooling system. These however are only a few of the total categories of car maintenance. Enter the price charged for each action and the last line of the sheet will automatically sum for you. The top line stating the service-cost is the total of service charges from day one.

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