Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator

Exceltemplates.org – This is a waist-to-hip ratio calculator in Excel that will help you measure your health risk based on calculated ratio. By inputting your waist and hip numbers, you can see whether its ratio is within tolerable health risk. It is just a rough figure, since there are plenty of factors that can affect your health.

Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator Excel Template

Keeping a good body shape will certainly make you healthier since you need to have a healthy diet and do regular exercise to burn excessive fats in your body. Stay healthy spirit must also be spread to the people surrounds you. You can invite them to have regular exercise and to consume healthy daily menu. Besides, it is also important to check the body weight and shape regularly.

To know whether you are healthy enough or not is easy. The manual checking of body weight and shape can be done to know if you are at health risk or not. Just use the Waist to Hip Ratio Calculator to check whether you are at health risk or not. Measure your waist and hip circumference and fill the data in the calculator. Then, it will calculate the measurements and show your health risk based on the measurement you have.

As stated above, all you have to do just download this waist-to-hip ratio calculator, type required waist and hip number and done. You will see your health risk classification in table below the calculator. And you can learn the formula to build this template as well, so you can copy it to be put on your own spreadsheet.

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