Weekly Treadmill Workout Log Template

Exceltemplates.org – Healthy body becomes the great dream and obsession for every human being because the healthy body will mean a lot for their daily activity as well as their life. With healthy body, people do not have to worry about their daily life because they are able to work hard for getting the money and there is no doubt that the healthy body makes people able to improve their productivity. The healthy body will also make them free from the health problem which causes suffering for their body as well as their financial condition. People can also keep their ideal body shape with healthy body but they need to do physical exercise for this purpose.

Weekly Treadmill Workout Log

The physical exercise has to be done regularly and people need to control it correctly so the result which is expected can be received. Treadmill becomes the choice for people to train their body fitness. People should monitor as well as organize their physical exercise using the treadmill so they will be able to check the progress of the physical exercise for their body. Keeping it in mind must be hard so people need to use another method for writing the progress of weekly treadmill exercise and there is free word template offered for this purpose.

The template includes the column for name and the week number. There is day’s list with date column as well as time column which should be filled. There is also more detail associated with the exercise including the time, speed, distance, calories, inclination, preset, as well as notes for routine.

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Okay, you got the idea. You can create your own workout schedule now. It doesn’t need to be the same with the schedule format in the template since you might want to emphasize to particular part of your body. Also, you can mix it with running outside your house or your gym for variation.



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