Personal Weekly Planner Template

Weekly Planner – As the name, this weekly planner template is a planner template in weekly basis to help you easily make plan and review your plan each week. The planner is made in excel to allow you make time adjustment to meet your working time and to print it. This is also useful for people who are more familiar with Excel than other application.

Since every individual may have different working time, such as you work at night, you need to define your individual time layout for the planner. For example, while the standard planner set working hour to start from 9 am, your working time may start from 9 pm. This template allows you to do the customization.

This template is printable if you need a printed planner. Although green lifestyle requires us to reduce printing on paper, sometime we really need to print our planner to make the work easier and more effective.

There are three worksheets in this weekly planner. The first is “setup” worksheet, the second is “planner” worksheet, and the third is “weekly words” worksheet.

Setup worksheet is the place to customize time setting to meet your needs and particular condition of the year. First, you can set the time style. If you need the planner to show hour only, choose “Don’t show minutes”. Second, you can set the time planner on appointment schedule area. If you want to show the hour and minutes, you need to check (type “v”) on the cell next to hour and minutes. If you uncheck, they will disappear. The default start time setting is 7 o’clock and you can change the hour if you want.

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In this sheet, you will find several more tables. You will find table that will give you information about the maximum rows that could be shown in the planner and remaining rows available to be checked. You will also find tables to set holiday dates and special events for one-year period. Once you set the holiday and events, it will automatically appear on the planner when the date is set on that date.

The planner worksheet is where you can work with your plan for the week. You will see the planner is set on weekly layout. You need to fill the date in the left corner column before you work with your planner in order to make the adjustment work for specific date. Due to this planner works in weekly basis, the formula will adjust the date into corresponding day in the week so the planner will always start from Monday.

You can fill your weekly plan or print the planner as blank form. If you need planner for more than one week, what you need to do is to copy the worksheet from tab menu. In order to change the week period, you need to change the date.

The weekly words worksheet is there if you need to show inspiring quote on your weekly planner. There are 52 rows to put different quotes for each week. Of course, you can type the same quote if you want your planner to show the same quote every time.


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