Car Fleet Management Template – This excel spreadsheet for Car Fleet Management will be useful for those who should manage many cars. It will ease you to organize the cars, making the track and report it in one spreadsheet of excel. The car organizing works that can be handled with this spreadsheet are such as the trips, car services in regular basis, mileage, fuel and then the report making for those organizing system. Besides, it is also applicable for the technical information of the car such as the on or off time of the cars, position monitoring, etc. This spreadsheet also can be used for motorcycles and boats organizing.

Car Fleet Management

Some features to get from Car Fleet Management spreadsheet;

  • Feature to Manage Car Trip, which monitor the availability of cars and the drivers. The history of the car can be seen from this worksheet, including the fuel efficiency, mileage, expenses and taken services. So you can evaluate the car usage and driver performance with this feature.
  • Mileage Log, it will give summary of mileage report that can be used for tax deduction. If you choose the pro version, you can have more flexible worksheet customization.
  • Fuel Calculation, the definition of fuel efficiency is done as the fuel consumption mileage in every gallon. The calculation is done by subtracting the most recent refueling mileage with the previous one and then divided by the volume previously.

Preparing Car Fleet Management Spreadsheet

  • Get into the setup worksheet and then type the initial year of company fiscal in C10 cell. In lite version, you only can make the report in one year.
  • In C12 and C13, type the measurement of distance and fuel. It will become a header reference so you can type the unit value rightly. No calculation of conversion that can be made.
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The setup Car Fleet Management worksheet can be made for the tables of ownership status of the car such as rent, rent-return, owned, or sold. Besides, the worksheets are also available to categorize the car such as business, operational, expenses, planned service, refueling, unplanned service, private and also accident.

  • Worksheet for Initial Info, where the detail information can be filled such as car data, owned area and also rent.
  • Service Worksheet, the place for the car’s service plan and the budget that can be made up to three years.
  • Budget Worksheet, which can be used to fill car expense budget up to 3 years in the pro version.
  • Employee Worksheet, which can be used to fill the drivers and users.

Using Car Fleet Management Spreadsheet Daily

Log Worksheet

It can be used to record the car usage information daily, such as the top panel and daily activity table.

Tracker Worksheet

It will monitor the daily available car that is displayed with the important information such as the car availability and the service times and mileage. Use the filter to know specific condition of the cars.

Summary Worksheet

It consists of the worksheets of all summary, individual car summary, dashboard worksheet, mileage report, the evaluation of driver performance, fuel consumption, expenses and car budget, and financial calculation.

Furthermore, you can ass more columns to fill more information about the car in more details. Get the complete customization by using the pro version. No Macro and form function makes this Car Fleet Management spreadsheet exchangeable to Windows and Mac operating system.

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