Event Budget Template

Exceltemplates.org – Planning for an event is mostly exciting. But planning the budget is always the least pleasant part as it determines whether or not certain elements of the event can be conducted at all. However they function as a safety line to make sure that at the end of the event you don’t end up with a large burden of deficit on your shoulders. These Event Budgets are also semi planners to make sure important elements for the event are not forgotten. At the end of the budgeting process you can prioritize the things and also find ways to boost your income to make sure you don’t have to eliminate anything.

Event Budget Excel Template

Event Budgeting Method

These budgeting methods have been used in many ways and areas of work: calculating overhead and operational elements of an office, making a party at home, they are also used by travel agencies and business lines in general. Derived from the term used across Europe, bouge, bulga or bog it refers to belly pocket used officials and authorities at the time to store their fiscal plans ready for use anytime. Today, known as budget in English it still refers to a spending plan or financing.

How to Use Event Budget Template for Excel

A pre-made excel budgeting plan will usually consist of four different sheets: the overview/assumption, the expected expenses for the event to be held, the income you have to fund the event and the summary/conclusion. The two sheets in the middle: expenses and income are the most crucial. In the expenses sheet, by category, insert the item and their cost. By category also the sheet will determine the total of expenses and at the end of the page the total expenses for the event. The same thing applies in the income sheet. After all data is inserted, look up the conclusion of your event budgeting at the last sheet. If your profit estimation is sufficient you can go ahead with your plan.

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