Rental Invoice Template – Invoice is a document used for commercial purpose. It is created by the sellers to be sent to their customers or the buyers. This documents functions as evidence to a transaction which happened previously between the two parties. The buyers have got the products but no cash payment is made. This rental invoice template is one of invoices that can be used for rental businesses purposes.

Rental Invoice Excel Template

One of rental businesses is apartment rental. Thus, invoice also plays the role of reminder. In case of rental invoice, the function is exactly the same. The difference is that the document is applied for a landlord with the tenant; the person who rents. Rental Invoice states the amount of money which must be paid by the tenants for certain rent period. It can be issued around or near the due date of rent payment. There are other type of rental businesses that should be given invoices, like furniture rentals, wedding equipment rentals, car rentals, book rentals and many more. They might need invoices, especially if the renters are acted on behalf on their companies.

Rental Invoice is usually applied after being printed. But before that, you need to ensure that the form has completed the standard of invoice; which at least contain the following things:
– Number and date of invoice; which is usually placed at the top part of the form under the title
– Further information about the tenant or customer: name, address, zip code, and phone number if necessary
– The explanation of rent bill which is compiled in a table: the rent description (name/type/etc), the length of rent period, unit price, and total amount to pay.

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Below is a free and plain rental invoice template that you can modify for free.



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