Bill of Lading Template – Bill of lading is defined as a detailed list of a shipment of goods in document format given by goods owner to the shipper to acknowledge receipt of cargo for shipment. It is a required document and it has to be written correctly to avoid any disputes when it is checked by customs or receiving parties.

Bill of Lading Excel Template

If you take a look in how people may obtain income nowadays, you may find out that there are more and more people who are interested in conducting business in order to enhance their income. Well, if you also belong to those people who love to involve in business activity, you may notice that there will be many things to consider in order making your business runs smoothly. Well, the way you provide satisfaction to your customers may become basic consideration in business indeed. One of examples is in how you can make sure that any shipment of the products ordered by your customers may work professionally and in good management quality. Especially if you run for international business, the wrong record and shipment process indeed may lead only to disappointment to the customers and indeed may affect significantly to your business. Therefore, the need to create quality Bill of Lading may become a must to consider. Based on the fact that some businessmen may become so much troublesome in arranging good bill of lading, there are some points that need to include on such bill indeed.

The important things are the address of shipment from contained name, street, address. Bill of lading number also needs to include. The destination of shipment also becomes requirement to include indeed. Don’t forget to make a column for the third party freight charge and also customer order information. Next point to include will be carrier information, shipper signature, trailer loaded, freight counted lists, and also pickup date.

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This bill of lading template below is a simple and free version that you can use as your reference to create your own. Other document that might be needed is a commercial invoice document.