Client Prospect Tracker Spreadsheet – Gaining a profit is not about how creative your strategy is, but also it is related to how you treat your customer and make them the loyal ones. The customer is the main target of the company who can give endless profit if you can make them yours. One customer can give create big fat money for customer, how about the customer does it many times? Then, it is multiplied with other customers. No matter in what business level that you are playing on, including a doctor even, you do need what so called with client tracker.

Client Prospect Tracker Excel Template

This client tracker will give you not only one benefit, but also several if you want to count. First, this client tracker will get you out with complicated and bored filly system. You can use your time to boost the sales force in your company. You can also optimize your chances such as meeting with potential client, doing some follow up opportunity and other easier. The client’s activity can be tracked down to see the pattern for boosting your sales campaign. There will be no “forget” words, or “miss” in your schedule because this client tracker can be your private virtual assistant who will remind you about your schedule and important opportunities that are related to your client.

This client tracker specially designed for doctor is easy to use. First, you will start from the client’s contact sheet. It is listed under the name of doctor who handles that patient, including the name of the doctor’s assistants with their contact numbers. On the right side is the place for doctor’s appointments that need to be done recently plus the dates. If there is any memo, it can be written in “doctor’s note”. The lowest part of this client tracker consists with the facility in doctor’s room has.

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There is a more complete template but its full features is not free, sales funnel management spreadsheet.