Sales Pipeline Management Template – This Sales Pipeline Management spreadsheet will enable a sales person to monitor the progress of specific clients. By using this tool, the sales person can organize many data of the clients and no opportunity that loses. It can be used in the operating system of Windows and Mac. If the sales methodology is based on the pipeline method, then this tool will be fit perfectly. The sales pipeline definition itself is an approach on the product or services selling organizing. It is commonly used in the sales that is based on the project where every transaction should be closed in some stages successfully.

Sales Pipeline Management

This Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet consists of four big parts such as setup, sales activity, summary and dashboard.

The Setup Worksheet

You can customize some terms in your spreadsheet by using it. The terms that can be modified to fit your terms are such as;

  • The General Setup
  • Set the initial year on cell D8. Get the setting up to 3 years in pro version.
  • Set the sales stage on cell D11 – D20. The stages to set are as many as 10 stages plus the success/ failed stage. You can make the report by using the data from this spreadsheet.
  • Set the status of sales stage on cell D23 – D30; for success and failed status as well as other names based on your needs.
  • Set the category of Lead Sources on cell D33 – D47.
  • Set the category of Client Size on cell D51 – F55.
  • Set the category of client business on cell D58 – D87.
  • Setup the sales team or employees too in the worksheet.
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The Client Worksheet

This is a worksheet in Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet to add and assign the new clients to every sales. On the top of the worksheet, there are a couple of helper tables that show unassigned client lead as well as sales employees that have lowest opportunities of project.

Sales Activity Worksheet

This worksheet is the place to record the activity of sales employee. Every employee is set in different worksheet. Click the sales link to go to certain sales in the Setup of Sales Employee worksheet or just click the next or previous sales link in every worksheet of sales employee. On cell H7, you can see the respective progress of client or sales employee on the Follow Up Panel.

Summary Worksheet

See the progress of sales and the achievement through these 3 summaries of sales and client;

  • All Sales Summary, which show the progress of sales and the summary achievement. You can use the worksheet up to 3 years in the pro version. The progress is shown based on every client’s initial date. So the success value is noticeable in every year.
  • Individual Sales Summary, where you can see the performance of sales individually. In pro version, you just need to choose the employee name and the year period and then you can see the performance according to the leads of values and number.
  • All Client Summary, where you can see the status of client. Use the Excel Filter to categorize the client according to certain data

 Dashboard Worksheet 

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The simple dashboard worksheet of Sales Pipeline Management Spreadsheet can make you see the sales performance in specific year in the visualization of Pipeline Chart.