Sales Report Template – The key to having a successful retail business is to gain more and more network and partner to sell your goods to. And in order to manage the overall profit gained by your retail business company, it is necessary to track down every single sales transaction for every month and year. In doing so, you can find out the performance of your business and you can figure out how to enhance it for the next year and the rest. And nowadays, we can do all of the things above simply by using the Microsoft excels stores sales report template.

Sales Report Excel Template

Sales Report for Evaluating Sales Performance

Stores sales report, also commonly known as a store to store sales report, is a record on how many sales you conducted over some period of time. In doing so, you can spot every single profit and loss made by your company over that period of time. Stores sales report does not only record the overall amount of sales itself. But it also records the overall income that was made through those sales. That is why having a store sales report is crucial in managing and creating a successful business in the retail world.

How to Use Sales Report Template with Excel

Stores sales report template made by excels is rather easy and simple to use by everyone. First, determine the year or month that you want to cover. On the C or the market Columns, add the location or cities of the stores. The D cells is for last year’s sell, while you put your current sales on the E cells which then the difference of percentage will be in the F cells. Subsequently, cells G, H, and I are for number of store, per store average, and also system average. Once you fill out all of the details, you can start coming up with the totals.

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