Business Travel Expenses Report Form – The SOP of business travel is commonly ended by making a report of the actual travel expenses. To make a report could be challenging for some people. You need to make it detail to show the real expenses on your travel while compare it with the advance allowance taken so it would end up with a return of money or reimburse. Using this business travel expenses report form could make the work easier because you only need to fill it with the data you have.

Business Travel Expenses

This template is a travel expenses report form that made to follow the business travel request form. Similar with travel request template, this template could be used by a company to be the official travel expenses report form of the company or used by employee to report travel expenses when the company does not have official form.

This spreadsheet consists of two worksheets. The first worksheet is expense report and the second is daily expenses summary.

The expense report worksheet is basically comparison table of advance taken and realization. Above the table is general information about the employee and business travel. Title box is coming with drop down function to choose employee position in the company. “Departure” and “Return” boxes are linked with “Total Day” that comes with formula to calculate the total day spent on the business travel in day/night format. With the formula, employee only needs to fill the date of departure and return.

On the table, realization column is linked to the second worksheet “Daily Expenses Summary”. When employee fills the daily expenses summary with the actual data from the travel, he/she will get the total expenses that will be used in realization column.

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After that, employee can complete the report by filling the description cells, advance taken, and number of units. Total advance and total expenses would be calculated automatically. Then, the report would show whether travel expenses resulting a return or reimburse that also calculated automatically.

“Note” box is optional. You can remove the note box from the report if your think it is not necessary. Signature of supervisor is also optional. If no supervisor to approve the report, you can remove the box from the report. If the approval is from other person in charge, you can change the description to fit your company directive.

This travel expense report is possible to be customized by adding company logo and name on the header. You can also change the categories with different title to make it fit your company better.

If you are an employee that makes a travel report, you need to fill each data carefully, especially advance taken and daily expenses part. For the advance taken, you need to refer to your travel request and advance allowance receipt. For daily expenses, you need to refer to the receipts and notes you get anytime you spend money on your travel.

Once you complete the report, you can print it and report it to the finance department of your company. Commonly, the company requires you to enclose receipts as the proof of your expenses in the report, so prepare it well.