Match Scheduler and Fixture Generator for Sport League Competition – Some sports like volleyball, tennis, and table tennis are played in number of sets to decide the winner. Different from soccer, those sports are usually played in one venue with several courts so there would be no arrangement for home and away matches. In some league competition (even soccer league), one team should meet other team more than twice.

Match Scheduler

This match scheduler and fixture generator are made to meet the different situations above. It could generate matches between same team more than two times. It is also possible to add more matches arrangement in better flexibility.

In order to make it useful for many people, this match scheduler and fixture generator is made in two different models. The first model is specifically designed for soccer league while the second model is designed for league competition of sports that played in game-set matches. Be careful when you download the template so you will get the right one.

Soccer league model allows you to create custom matches with possibility to make the same team meet more than twice, up to 8 times for the league period. This template is also useful if you need to create matches schedule that are more flexible such as you need to create schedule for one-day league or the league would be played 1-7 matchday a week. Since this is a template to generate fixtures and matches schedule, it does not equipped with accessory features such as team info tables, dashboard, and last matches list. If you want to make matches schedule for soccer league competition similar with European football league, this template is not suitable.

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This template has big size, even for the lite version. Even more, the calculation to generate fixtures and matches scheduler is complex. Therefore, time to process the input could be longer, especially if your computer processor is not strong enough.

The second model comes with several features in the following,

  • Players or teams could meet until 8 times in single period.
  • The maximum number of players lite version can accommodate is 36.
  • It is possible to set different points for winning in different number of sets (two, three, four, and five sets).
  • You can use 2 tie-breaker regulation.
  • The league could be organized daily from two times to seven times a week or one-day only. It is possible to set time interval between matches.

The second model is made with four samples of templates for four different sports type that are volleyball, table tennis, tennis, and badminton to help you understand how it should be. For volleyball and table tennis, the samples are made in best of five sets while for tennis and badminton; the samples are made in best of three sets.

Both first and second model are available in lite version for you to arrange league with limited participants. You can use it as trial to understand the system and rules. If you need to arrange league competition for more participants, you will need Pro version of this template. The layout could be modified to meet your need.