Business Travel Request Form – In the company, small or big, business travel should be done in a systematically way based on standard operating procedure established by company management. The SOP is usually begun with business travel justification, preparation for travel, and business travel report. Business travel justification commonly entails business travel request from the employee who will travel in order to issue the allowance for travel needs.

Business Travel

In order to make the request easier for the employee and to make it easier for the finance department to check the request, as well as to make documentation more organized, a company commonly has specific business travel request form to be filled by the employee. In addition, company usually has travel budget rules about allowance allocation based on employee position. For example, ordinary employee should only take economy class flight while manager could have business class flight. Company made travel budget rules to prevent over budget and maintain company financial stability.

If you run a company, you can use this business travel request form as your company official form to request business travel. This is a simple form so it is easy to understand. If your company use this form, it would be easier for the employee to fill the request and go travel with less hassle. The spreadsheet is also including travel budget rules in separated worksheet that link to the travel request as reference.

This template is also useful for an employee who should request travel but the company does not have official travel request form. Instead of confuse for what to write, you can simply download the template, fill the form, and send it to the financial department. This form is simple but consists of enough data so your financial officer will easily understand your travel request.

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The request form worksheet is containing some cells in white color to be filled with corresponding data and cells in blue color that contain formula to calculate total days of the travel and total amount of the requests. This worksheet is also containing budget column in blue color that linked to the company rules worksheet as reference to the request. Group function is added to the budget cell for you to hide or unhide the column as your wish. To hide the column, you need to click negative sign while to unhide, you click positive sign.

The second worksheet is company rules that would be useful if there are budget rules as reference for company business travel. If you run a company, you can set up the rules by filling the data as you think required. If you are an employee, you can copy the rules in your company to the worksheet. If your company does not have travel budget rules, you can fill the cells with reasonable amount.

This template is customizable to make it suit your company. You can add header with company logo and name or maybe additional data to it. By adding it, the look of the form would be more professional. However, travel request is internal document so it is only optional to add company logo and name to the form.