Ovulation Calendar

Exceltemplates.org – Ovulation is a process when an ovum is discharged from mature ovarian follicle. Ovulation is one of the processes occur in female menstrual cycle when female is on the fertile phase. Ovulation is the best time to get pregnant. Hence, many couples calculate ovulation time when they plan to have a baby.

Calendar based method is one of the most common methods used to predict the time of ovulation of a woman. This method is first developed in 1930 by John Smulders. The calculation is made based on the record of previous menstrual cycle’s lengths.

Ovulation Calendar
Monthly Ovulation Calendar for Excel

This excel ovulation calendar template is created to help you determine your ovulation time based on the method mentioned above. Since this is a calendar, you not only able to see the predicted ovulation on the next month, but you can see prediction on the other months, as well. To use it, you need to open the “data” worksheet first and fill the information required on each field. The data required are:

  • The beginning of your last menstrual cycle, you need to fill it with complete date, month, and year.
  • Menstrual cycle period, each woman has different period but commonly it is between 24-28 days.
  • Lutheal phase period, this is a number of days past ovulation that start at the time you ovulate and ends a day before your next menstrual period. Commonly, women have lutheal phase period around 14 days. For the body to be able to support pregnancy, the lutheal phase should be at least 10 days.
  • Display month, you choose which month to display the result.
  • Display year, you choose which year to display the result
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After you fill the data completely and correctly, your ovulation calendar is ready at the second worksheet named “calendar”. The calendar will show one month with marks on important dates. Date with red mark is the prediction of your menstrual cycle beginning. Date with pink mark is prediction of your most fertile date or your ovulation time.

To view the other month, you can click the arrow bar at the left corner of the worksheet. Left arrow to go backward and right arrow to go forward.

You can use the prediction on this calendar to plan your pregnancy. You can also use it to avoid pregnancy in way that is more natural without using pills or other contraception types. However, this calendar should be used as side reference because ovulation and pregnancy are influenced by many factors. Your current physical and psychological condition may affect ovulation. Disease, drugs, and even diet may change your menstrual cycle. Stress and depression may become a hinder to get pregnant.

This calendar is helpful to make a plan, especially if you working on long term plan because you can see the prediction of months ahead. However, you had better confirm it with your doctor for more accurate information about your fertility. You can also use fertility test to ensure your ovulation of the current date.

You can download the file below.