Proforma Invoice Template

While you are familiar with invoice, a Proforma Invoice may be quite a new. In fact, this is like an invoice which is made by the seller; but not the true invoice. It mainly states the commitment made by the sellers to provide or send the products to their customers. This document is often created before the details of real invoice are known. It can also be used for declaring the products’ value and offering products to customers.

Proforma Invoice Template

By sending Proforma Invoice, the sellers have convinced the customers about their being ready of providing the goods as well as noticing them about the payment which should be made later. Other function of proforma invoice is as an export document attachment. In Asia countries, invoice has to be filled with mandatory information for export purposes. It relates with taxes. That’s why if you have transaction with China or Hong Kong, you will get proforma invoice with those export information inside where it is also acted as a sales invoice.

How to Make Proforma Invoice

Proforma Invoice looks quite similar to common invoice. It takes form of a paper with table and details about the buyer and seller. You can create this kind of trading document using simple program like Microsoft Excel.

If you want, you can import the template from the internet and copy it in your Excel document, inserting the template from the program (which is usually available in its new document’ dialogue box—template options), or creating the table on your own. Once the template is provided, you only need to fill out the blank form.

Check this template >  Bill of Lading Template

Using Proforma Invoice

Templates for Proforma Invoice you have downloaded are generally adjustable, meaning that you can change some elements there. To use this template as your Proforma Invoice form, you have to make sure that these followings things should exist:

  • Date and invoice number (placed side by side)
  • Details about the company to whom the bill will be sent and the one to whom the products will be shipped: name of the company, address, and phone number.
  • Total weight (gross)
  • Total piece
  • Transportation
  • Currency used
  • Bank details (for payment)
  • Term of sale
  • Details of the goods: description, quantity, price per piece, and total amount.

Below is a proforma invoice you can download for your reference.



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