Statement of Compliance Template – It is correct that the world is developed by the people whether from the government or the private sector. Various kinds of building or thing are built for supporting the human life in every country and of course in every building project, there will be many people who will be involved including the laborers as well as mechanics who are employed by the contractor or maybe the sub-contractor. If the project is funded by the federal government for example, the mechanics as well as the laborers are certified in the Statement of Compliance since they will be paid with the wage rate which is prevailing.

Statement of Compliance Sheet Template

The prevailing wage rate includes the fringe benefits which might be paid by the contractor or maybe the subcontractor. It can be paid directly to the worker for the plan or fund which is approved and both combination. The plan which is funded is not the business of contractor part and it is organized by third trustees or parties. Vacation plan and other non-funded plans is included business part of the contractor. This Statement of Compliance is determined under the Davis-Bacon Act from the Department of Labor.

It is not difficult to make the Statement of Compliance because the template is able to be downloaded easily online. There are some columns which include the number, compliance, reference, availability, activities, responsibility, included in pricing, and also remarks column. The number of Statement of Compliance can be adjusted easily to the amount of laborers or mechanics who are involved in the project funded by the federal government after all.

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Here is the file. Usually, there are hundreds of item that needs to comply. You can extend its rows to accommodate it. You can use this excel template as a recorded file as well where you can access any time just in case you want to review it back.